Nederlandse Midifiles


MIDI Normalizer  v.

MIDI Normalizer is a batch editor for MIDI files. If you have hundreds of midi files and find it annoying that, when playing the files, the volume level is very different for every file, MIDI Normalizer automates the process of leveling the volume,

Absolute Bosendorfer Piano VSTi

Bosendorfer Concert Grand. This piano has been sampled from a huge Bosendorfer 280. It has a very specific shimmering sound. This standalone and VSTi plug-in can play, record your midifiles, with a perfect quality.


MidiEditor  v.2.0.0

Customize your MIDI files with this program. MidiEditor edits, records and plays MidiFiles: one can add Events using the MidiInput, edit all Events data and listen to the result.

Muziek uit Nederland  v.

Muziek uit Nederland heeft het laatste nieuws over muziek van Nederlandse bodem en festivals en concerten in

NieuwsLezer  v.

RSS Newsreader with default Dutch newspapers Snelle nieuwslezer van de meest gelezen Nederlandse kranten. Simpel, Snel en weinig dataverbruik V1.5 Weer toegevoegd V1.6 KNMI link

Sportnl  v.

UK: Video Player with the newest Dutch sport videos. The content is daily updated. Dutch: Video Player met de nieuwste Nederlandse Videos. De beelden worden dagelijks

Geschiedenis  v.

Overzicht van de Nederlandse geschiedenis van nul tot nu.

Topografie NL  v.

Test je kennis van de Nederlandse topografie. In de full version kan je kiezen voor een blinde kaart ipv een kaart waarop de plaatsen zijn aangegeven. In de full version kan je daarnaast kiezen voor het op de kaart aanwijzen van de gevraagde plaats

Classical Pieces for Guitar Vol I

Classical solos and duets adapted from the piano or the harpsichord for pick style guitar. An advanced level required. This guitar course is suited for all kind of Guitarists who desire to learn this style of music, be it for its intrinsic beauty,

How to Play the Guitar Vol2

How to play the Guitar - Volume II is the sequel to the 1st volume. Developed by a professional guitar player and trainer, this multimedia tutorial takes you step-by-step through the fundamentals of playing blues, rock, folk, finger picking, on the

How to play the guitar Vol3

You will find in this guitar course eleven studies inspired by various forms of the Blues: major, minor, finger-picking, played with a pick, etc. The cyclic structure of this musical style produces pieces which are easy to remember, however the

Absolute Steinway Piano VSTi

Steinway D Concert Grand. This piano has been sampled from a huge Steinway D.This piano has been sampled from a huge Steinway Model D piano. It sounds large and deep. It can be used for all kind of music from pop/rock to classical music.. This standalone

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